Pictures taken July 21 - 23, 2009. Click on an image to get to larger version and controls. At the bottom of this page are links to short videos.

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 Good morning - where's my breakfast?   A grandmother's prerogative!  with wooden duck from Uncle Tim  Approaching Grandpa  Recharging the battereis before taking off again.  Pat the Bunny - a classic. Must be read to him 8 times daily   I'm off!  Holding the ball slike that gave him the stability to walk a long way  Who's this?  I need a closer look.  He's a great guy, my Grandpa!  Pat the Bunny again.   Hey Mommy, look at me!         Maybe Grandpa will read this to me  Candle with electric bulb provided a long period of entertainment   Ethiopean food is pretty good  The whole family except Harriet who took this picture  Isaac's birthday cupcake arriving  Lots of small presents, each in a paper bag (the best part)
Click here to see and hear short video of Isaac walking Click here for short video of Isaac and Michael doing tumbles
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