Visit with Leah, Isaac, Harriet, Ayelet, September 12 - 16, 2009

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 First meeting with Leah  Alert, isn't she?    Isaac in top seat of double stroller  Leah below - in back  This time it's Grampa who feeds him ice cream  At the playground  All legs and arms in action as she watches the swingng glasses  Got them ! (sheer coincidence)  On the deck  Olivia and Isaac, with Ayelet behind the door  Swan boat at the Boston Garden    Monument to the discovery that ether      Something to look at when in the car seat  Pushing is a favorite activity  As is being pushed in the car. He can make it go backwards.   Isaac with the   Climbing down steps whose handrail is really too high - Harvard Square  This was a phone booth.  The new children's playground at the Cambridge Common
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