Visit to Troyes April 2009. Troyes was rebuilt in the XVI century after a fire and has remained virtually untouched since. Exhibition of Champagnois sculptures of the 16th century. Click on an image to see it enlarged, and to reach slide show controls

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 Typical XVI construction  detail  detail  Courtyard  Another courtyard    shows construction technique - buildings are constantly being repaired   Even those with a surface covering have the half-timbered construction  synagogue    Ursuline convent building  Educaation of the Virgin - wood  explanation of next statue   exhibit included a series of very lage virgin and child statues  Saint Eloi suffered from the plague; a dog brought him food   Saint Martin de Tours cutting his robe to give half to a beggar. He averts his eyes as was the custom  another inner court  ruelle des chats  Jubé dividing the church     Yet another court    Variation on Liberté, Egalité, Fraterité in front of the courthouse (palais de Justice)
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