Marché de Noël - La Défense
Marché de Noël - La Défense Early evening shots

IMG_0283 l'Arche IMG_0284a Le marché. Periphery covered with tents - open in the center IMG_0260a IMG_0263a We started with a vin chaud IMG_0264 IMG_0266 IMG_0272 IMG_0274 IMG_0275 Tea cakes IMG_0276a next IMG_0277 IMG_0279 Remember - Grasse is known for its flower-based perfumes. IMG_0278 IMG_0280 IMG_0281 IMG_0262a We'll go back for another visit and stop here IMG_0265a IMG_0267 Another foie gras stand IMG_0268a IMG_0269a amber IMG_0270a IMG_0273a These are nougats IMG_0282a raclette IMG_0285a the rue Saint Charles has, finally, its new lampadaires; one color for the street but another, warmer, for the sidewalks and storefronts