Boulangerie Au Duc de la Chapelle
Winner of 2008 "meilleure baguette de Paris," they will deliver baguettes to the Elysée Palais for a year. They make both Parisian baguettes (- machine made) and traditional ones (hand-formed - better flour with no additives).

IMG_0780  IMG_0781dk IMG_0782  several ovens turn out bread continuously , instead of everything being baked at the same time IMG_0786  a Parisian, already formed, rolls out of this IMG_0784  Parisians being readied for the oven IMG_0787  kneading machine which imiates motions of human arms IMG_0791  Pâte for both Parisian and traditional baguettes. Traditionals rise slowly in cool place. IMG_0783  Traditionals ready to be formed IMG_0792  ready to form the tadtional IMG_0794  Pastry and sandwich room - separately equipped IMG_0796  kneader IMG_0797  ytadtionals being put in bag for delivery

Click image to see clip of kneading machine arms in motion
Click image to see baguette formed - in real time