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 Cars from old trains     This train, from 1930, ran along the ligne 10 all day. The red car in the middle is the first class car.  In 1963, our first time in Paris, there were still first class cars. We never went into one  Line 10 was chorter; Charles Michels was called Beaugrenelle, Croix Rouge used to exist  Leather seats   A RATP employee at every door to open it   Second class has wooden seats  That hasn't changed  Souvenirs being handed out      Stone with pyramid on top. Have you read Dan Brown's latest?      Columns with three types of capitals: ionic, doric, corinthian. Laid out to form a 3-4-5 triangle!    Puppet show during m'etro ride later in the day  rue Saint Charles  r. S.C.  Parc Citroen
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