The 2009 vendange of the vinyard of Montmartre was held the weekend of October 10. The grand parade was Saturday with over 1500 particapnts - mostly French lovers-of-wine groups, but also many foreign groups. There spectacular costume from Venise - so there are lot of photos of them.

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 On the way to the mairie of the 18th, we were blocked by a large parade in favor of people without papers.  Many of the street cleaners belogn to this group.  following Aristide Briant to the mairie     A giant among men        A group tht sang sea-songs. Les gourganes se sont des fèves que l'on donnait à manger aux marins il y a quelques années. Ces gourganes font l'objet de recettes de soupes très populaires au Québec.
     A spot on my lens is really evident in this shot   Another giant  Handing out grapes to sample. Other groups poured wine into  your glass.  They are all wearing earplugs   interesting way to transport your drums without breaking your back    mobile organ  First of the Venise sequence
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